Friday, August 15, 2014

Biography of DeAnn DeNovellis

DeAnn DeNovellis

DeAnn DeNovellis (19) a Filipina-American was born in the United States of America.  Growing up in Las Vegas, Nevada, “The Entertainment Capital of the World”, DeAnn watched her mother sing and dance on stage and was inspired to pursue her own career in the music industry.  DeAnn started to show talent as an artist as early as 7 years old! DeAnn was awarded from "Reflection’s" as an artist/singer recognition and achievement program for students sponsored by the National PTA, where she was given an award signed by former United States president George W. Bush.  Born with not only the passion to sing and dance, DeAnn also demonstrates talents for, songwriting, acting, and modeling as well.

Later on, DeAnn enrolled in a Talent Development Academy where she pursued her career in ­acting, commercial/print, modeling, singing, and dance.  She attended many classes and workshops at the academy, and has worked with many people in the industry.  It is here that DeAnn got her first taste of her dream in a Teen Pop Duo group, where she worked with famous Grammy Award winning Songwriters and Producers that started to make a big splash into the music industry by introducing a fresh and young, yet mainstream approach to pop music, as well as an active presence in TV and film.  However, DeAnn still pursued her other talents by attending AMTC where she made special live performances to highlight her talents in different categories such as; singing, spokes model, monologue, television commercial, photography and creative fashion print held at Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida.  She also did a nationwide TV commercial at the age of thirteen (13).  Other special performances includes, an opening act for Jesse McCartney for Summer Jam '09 at the Henderson Pavilion, Girls’ Days Out (modeling, singing and dancing) South Point Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, The Kids Mix Las Vegas 2008 (modeling, singing and dance), Fashion Show Mall at Dillard's Las Vegas, Nevada(modeling) and many International performances.  DeAnn recently received an Appreciation award from her fan club in Cebu, Philippines for sharing her God-given talent in singing.

DeAnn DeNovellis  not only does her passion show her determination of her love of music but also, her explosive personality will get anyone going and become an instant fan!

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